Community Transportation Program

Community Transportation Assistance Program

The Marshall County Community Transportation Assistance Program provides much needed relief for households struggling to make transportation related payments. Whether it's costly auto repairs, insurance premiums, or rising gas prices, many local residents are struggling. A reliable car is a must to keeping a job and raising a family in our community. But, for some families in Marshall County, they are stuck. The costs for car repairs, gas, and necessities are soaring. If someone cannot keep their car running, how can they get to and from work, to the doctor, to school? That's where you step in. 

The Community Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP) provides auto repairs, insurance premiums, or gas to households hit by financial hardship in Marshall County. 

Applicants must demonstrate financial need for vehicle repairs in order to make essential trips: getting to and from work, the grocery store, children to childcare or school, or medical appointments. Referrals for CTAP assistance are accepted from faith-based organizations, township trustees, and area nonprofits. CTAP is a partnership program made possible by United Way Trusted Community Partners -- LIFT, Link to Hope, and the Marshall County Community Foundation. 

Donate NOW and help make this vital program possible!  (Choose CTAP from the first dropdown next to "United Way Impact Area.")

Why CTAP is Important

Marshall County families are facing new challenges paying bills. Inflation is at levels not seen for nearly 40 years. Prices across the board rose 8.5% in March alone, and households on fixed budgets are being hit hard. Immediate relief is not expected as supply chain issues continue. 

With 12% of Marshall County households below the federal poverty level and another 26% of households considered as ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed), these alarming rising costs in the price of living will disproportionately impact many of the most vulnerable in our community. 

Whether it is the skyrocketing gas prices (up 27% in the last year) or rising food costs (up 10% and quickly climbing), local Hoosiers need support. That is where the Community Transportation Assistance Program steps in. 

CTAP helps offset transportation costs for our local households that are struggling the most. CTAP is helping ALICE families in Marshall County better navigate the financial uncertainties of the current economy and is giving our neighbors a fighting chance and access to the transporation they need to get where they need to go. Together, we #LiveUNITED in Marshall County. 

Stories of Impact 

Emily and John

Emily and her husband, John, were stunned by his stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Suddenly unable to work, John's paychecks no longer helped the family make ends meet. Then, the car they needed for transportation to and from cancer treatments and doctor's appointments broke down. 

That's where the CTAP program stepped in. Using a dedicated network of donors and car repair shops, the necessary repairs were made when they were needed the most. In an uncertain season of life, Emily and John had one less thing to keep them up at night. 

"Without the Community Transportation Assistance Program, we wouldn't have been able to afford the car repairs we needed."

Adam and Sarah

Sarah and Adam only have one car. The van was Sarah's only way to get to work. Adam was on the job hunt for a more reliable job and one closer to home so he could more reliably help care for their two young autistic boys. When their van started having issues, Sarah was terrified it would break down and she would be unable to get to work and be fired. She was the family's only steady paycheck. 

A local nonprofit referred Sarah and Adam to the Community Transportation Assistance Program. The needed repairs were made quickly to the van and Sarah did not miss a single day's worth of work. Her job was safe. The family's income was secure. 

What could have been a family tragedy turned into a triumph -- a more reliable vehicle also helped Adam land a new job and the family is thriving. 

Donate Now!

Donate to the Community Transportation Assistance Program online HERE. Choose CTAP from the first dropdown next to "United Way Impact Area."

If you prefer to send a check, make the check payable to United Way of Marshall County -- please include CTAP on the check's memo line. Mail to 2680 Miller Dr Suite 120, P.O. Box 392, Plymouth, IN 46563.

You may text-to-give to support the Community Transportation Assistance Fund by texting "CTAP" to 44-321.

We thank you for your generous support!