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For over 60 years, the United Way of Marshall County has conducted annual fundraising campaigns in support of local health and human service not-for-profit organizations. The United Way helps thousands of caring individuals, regardless of income level, to contribute to a united community cause. United Way volunteers have spent millions of hours advocating for much needed programs and services that help build a stronger Marshall County community and, as a result, the United Way has granted more than $8 million to local agencies that serve Marshall County households for everything from basic necessities like nutritious food to tutoring programs for youth to helping the elderly get to the doctor.

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When you are looking for the information you need to get help in Marshall County, you need to find it right away. By using SEARCH United Way of Marshall County, you’ll easily find the information you’re looking for… when you’re looking for it.

People throughout our community turn to United Way every day for information and support – whether COVID-19, education, disaster, or financial-related. We have information that connects people of all ages to the necessary health and human services you need. We’re excited to put this information directly into your hands. SEARCH for help HERE. 

If you need our help, we are also always only a phone call away. 574-936-3366. EASY. FAST. EFFECTIVE.


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