United Way believes that everyone deserves to have a job that allows them to provide for their family and save for their future.  While the problem may seem overwhelming, at United Way, we see the solution: partnerships.  We partner with businesses to train workers for specific jobs that are already out there.  And we partner with the workers themselves – equipping them with the financial knowledge they need to build assets and savings that will provide for their family’s future and allow them to contribute back into our community and economy. We also help them maximize their hard-earned dollars.

Forty percent of working households in Marshall County do not earn enough money to meet their basic needs. This bare minimum budget does not allow for any savings leaving a household vulnerable for to unexpected expenses. These families are walking a financial tightrope, unable to save for college, a home, or retirement. United Way of Marshall County, working with its partner agencies and our community, believes TOGETHER WE CAN.

Our partner agencies supporting financial stability:

Thank You 2017 Cornerstone Partners!