On Monday, November 11th, students of Culver Academies began their annual “Game of Elimination,” transforming their entire campus into a colossal, organized game of tag.  Everyone on campus was welcome to play including teachers, counselors, coaches and students. The entry fee was $2 per person, with all proceeds benefiting the United Way of Marshall County. 

Culver Academy Junior, Rachel Simon, helped organize this years event, “527 faculty, staff, and students took part in this year’s annual game of organized tag, otherwise known as Elimination. As massive anxiety spread across Culver’s campus, chaos took place. The word “freeze” seemed to be heard around every corner and stickers seemed to be stuck to all the sidewalks. This year, we raised $1,041.79. Overall, the project was a huge success and our community enjoyed joining together in a light-hearted game of fun.” 

The object of the game is to eliminate fellow participants by placing a sticker on them before the say, “freeze”.  If someone freezes you, you cannot tag them for the next 10 minutes.  Once you have been eliminated from the game, you must sign the card and give up your card.  There are, however, restrictions on where and when this game can be played throughout the campus.  

"Elimination is one of the things our campus looks forward to every year. Everyone is paranoid and excited as they run from building to building: it's pretty funny to watch actually,” said Beau Ecksten, winner of the 2013 Game of Elimination, “At the end of the day, it's just a game and it's for a good cause. It brings our campus together, we meet new people, and we are able to support an amazing foundation."

For over 50 years, the United Way of Marshall County has continuously conducted annual fundraising campaigns in support of local health and human service not-for-profit organizations. The United Way has been the conduit for helping thousands of individuals, regardless of income level, contribute to a united community cause. United Way volunteers have spent millions of hours advocating for the less fortunate and needy in Marshall County and contributing to programs that help strengthen and support healthy vibrant communities. As a result, the United Way has allocated more than $8 million to local agencies for everything from basic necessities like food to tutoring programs for youth to helping the elderly get to the doctor. The United Way of Marshall County remains committed to igniting the caring power of the human spirit to help meet the most basic needs of education, health and financial stability. Together we create a stronger future for Marshall County.
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