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Thank you 2015 Cornerstone Partners!

Here are just a few examples of where your United Way donation is going, and the impact you are making on our community:

Adult Basic Education

A weekly donation of only $1.00 ($52.00/year), will pay for a student to have classroom supplies, such as a calculator, dictionary and official GED or Comple book,  to prepare for the GED test.

A donation of $100.00 can be applied to a student which could pay for a test fee of $70.00 and can help to pay for transportation costs to the test site, or  pay for reliable child care services.

American Red Cross

A weekly donation of only $1.00 ($52.00/year), can provide food for a family of two displaced by fire.

A donation of $100.00, can help to replace clothing and shoes for one disaster victim.

Beaman Home

A weekly donation of only $1.00 ($52.00/year), can provide one week of case management for a) DoVE Outreach client, b) month’s supply of  fresh fruit and vegetables for women and children in our  Emergency Center, or c) one month of water utilities at the Emergency Shelter.

A donation of $50.00 will pay for the new locks for exterior doors as well as other security items such as inexpensive window alarms, to allow a victim to feel safe if they are establishing their life without their abuser. 

A donation of $75.00 will cover the cost of the GED test for a client who wishes to improve their education, and thus their employ-ability. 

A donation of $100.00 will pay for an initial doctor’s appointment for victims with injuries from abuse.

Boy Scouts of America/LaSalle Council

A weekly donation of $1.00 ($52.00/year), can provide Cub Scout handbooks for a Pack of 20 boys who use the books to learn about values, respect and honesty as well as earn their awards and achievements. This is the basis of the Scouting program.

A donation of $100.00 can provide funds for four Scouts to attend a week of residential camp in the summer. This pays for half the boy’s fee and he earns the money for the other half.

Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County

A weekly donation of $1.00 ($52.00/year), pays for a membership for one child for an entire year. $1 per week will give a child hope and opportunity. $1 per week can provide a child with a great future. A small investment of $500 can change a child’s life forever. It can provide a child with a safe haven where they can be mentored by caring adults while having fun and learning new things.

Care & Share of Marshall County

A utility bill to stop a disconnect; help with rent to forestall an eviction; glasses to help keep a job; gasoline to take their child to the hospital in Indianapolis; help to get prescription medicine Time and time again we have seen even $50 in the right hands at the right time give a family hope where there was no hope just moments before. It is not about the mney only, but when there is none or just not enough, a little can go a long way in providing hope in a person’s life.

$0.66 will pay for specific assistance to individuals $0.23 will pay for Director Salary $0.11 will pay for Other Administrative Expenses like telephone, insurance, postage, rent, technical upgrades. APP. A utility bill to stop a disconnect, help with rent ro forestall an eviction, glassed to help keep a job, gasoline to take their child to the hospital in Indianapolis or help to get prescription medicine A $47.62 donation will help the average family in 2013 stay in their home for another month and give them time to develop a plan of action to deal with the issues that created their need in the areas of rental, utility, and personal needs assistance.  Keep in mind that this represents only our out of pocket resources available within the Care and Share organization.  A large part of our efforts go into developing a total package with other organizations in the community to solve the problems at hand for a particular client where we alone do not have the financial resources available. APP $50.00 at the right time can give a family hope.

Community Coordinated Child Care/4C’s

Quality child care for 15 children in an early learning environment that meets their social, emotion and cognitive needs, cared for by a provider who understands and supports the Indiana Academic Standards A donation of $65 will pay for early childhood education training for child care home providers to improve the quality of their facility, enhancing the lives of 15+ children, ages birth to third grade, daily. This allows for all children to be prepared to begin school.

Community Hospital of Bremen Community 

Health Education and Prevention Program Four first-aid kits for Bremen-area youth sports teams and/or first aid kits for the Marshall County 4H Club Fair $200/month underwrites the expense of providing 55 immunizations to Bremen area children each month. (SO $100=28J)

Culver Boys & Girls Club

15 members to receive four hours’ worth of homework assistance with a caring staff member. In 2012, our staff provided over 2,000 cumulative hours of homework help for our members $100 could provide four Youth Club memberships for a working mother of four children. These memberships would allow the mother to send her children to the Club every day after school where they would complete their homework, participate in character building activities and most importantly, be safe.

Girl Scouts of Northern IN-Michiana

Pays for four girl membership registration dues of $104 per year, and allows a troop to develop the skills to carry out a "Take Action" project in their local community. $520 per year will cover the Girl Scout membership registration fee for approximately 43 girls, $1,040 per year will enable 2 girls to attend horse resident camp for a week.

Marshall County 4-H Council

One-third of a child's program registration fee for Round-Up or one-half the cost to fund a child for camp. $180 will allow a youth 4-H member of Marshall County to experience numerous educational experiences and gain life skills at 4-H roundUp, and $130 will allow a 4-H Member from Marshall County to experience the social and educational environment of 4-H Camp.

Marshall County Council on Aging, Inc.

Information & Referral 1-1/2 hours of utilities in the building to provide an array of services; i.e. taxes, Medicare, education and social programs, etc. One week of utilities, hundreds of tax filings, assistance programs like People's University and Senior Expo Meals on Wheels 17.33 meals for senior citizens (their cash portion) Just over 6 hot meals delivered daily to Marshall County seniors Transportation Every $1 helps with contract match requirements/$1 for $1 of Federal dollars providing units to 600-700 people in MC Medical care appointments for veterans to VA, no other non-profit source wheelchair or not, regular trips to dialysis 3 times per week for wheelchair clients.

Information & Referral $ 1.00 per week will pay for 1 1/2 hours of utilities in the building to provide an array of services, ie. Taxes, Medicare, Educational programs, Social programs, etc. $ 105.00 per year, 1 week of utilities, hundreds of tax filings, assistance programs like People's University and Senior Expo.

Transportation Every $ 1.00 helps with contract match requirements $ 1.00 for $ 1.00 of Federal dollars providing units to 600-700 people in Marshall County.  Dollar for Dollar match 2012-2013 - $139,512.00. Medical care appointments for veterans to VA, no other non-profit source wheelchair or not, regular trips to dialysis 3 times per week for wheelchair clients.  Public transportation in general, we are only non-profit provider in county with our cost $2.00 - $5.00 versus $ 5.00 - $ 7.00 one way for cab or more. Marshall County Council On Aging, Inc. Meals On Wheels $ 52.00 will pay for 17.33 meals for senior citizens (their cash portion for meal) $ 15.00 per week would supply one hot meal delivered daily to Marshall County seniors.

Marshall County Neighborhood Center-Community Food Pantry

$1 Has $7.00 of buying power $100 a family, struggling to make ends meet, will be able to access all of our pantry services for 2 months, providing them with 2 rounds of grocery assistance, 4 visits to our Clothing Pantry and countless opportunities for consultation and community referrals. Marshall County Neighborhood Center Community Clothing Pantry A pair of steel-toed boots-a common item requested by our clients who have landed jobs in an industrial setting. The retail value of outfitting a child with new school shoes, 1 pair of pants, 2 shirts, a package of socks and under-clothing, can minimally cost $50.  A single mother with two children will easily face expensses of $100 or more to provide appropriate clothing for school.

Marshall County Neighborhood Center-Energy Assistance Program

 $52 donation can be matched 100% by NIPSCO's Hardship Fund.  This will provide a total of $104 in heating assistance to a low-income family. An average deposit to establish utility service (for a low income household) is about $150.  There is very little assistance for deposit costs, and often families can not move into more affordable housing, because of the cost to establish utility services. 

Marshall-Starke Development Development Center  

REAL Services, Inc.- Adult Guardianship Services Program

$52 a year will pay a portion of the costs to provide the protection and advocacy to a vulnerable person in the community whose needs are not met by other community programs or resources. $1082 ($1502 minus Medicaid allowed fees) will provide for guardianship services for a Marshall county Resident.

Saint Joseph Health Center of Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center Prescription 

$1.00/week ($52.00/year), will allow the Medication Assistance Program will pay for 13 patients to receive a 10-day antibiotic medication. A $1,200 donation will allow the prescription program to help 10 hypertensive patients receive medication that will help regulate their blood pressure, thereby allowing them to reduce their stress (a controbuting factor to blood pressure) and allow them to focus on other avenues that will further reduce their risks associated with high blood pressure such as eating healthier and exercising more.  

Women's Care Center 

The Women's Care Center, Crib Club provides a complete layette for a new baby whose mother attended all of her prenatal doctor's visits, childbirth education classes and signed-up for WIC. 

$1.00/week ($52.00/year), will help give a local baby a healthy start.

$2.50/week ($130.00/year), will buy 600 diapers, a full week of diapers, for our parenting program.

$1.00/day ($365.00/year), will buy diapers for a baby for a full year. Women's Care Center Morning out for Moms one parent to attend parenting classes for a full year, significantly reducing the risk of child abuse for a child in Marshall County.