Here are just a few examples of where your United Way donation is going, and the impact you are making on our community:

Adult Basic Education

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) pays for multiple paper based resources and supplies for each student, one seat on the ITTS academic skill building program, and one half of a seat on Burlington English language learning program for the ESL students.

American Red Cross

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per yearcovers the cost to provide a parent with diapers, wipes and soy formula for an infant.

Beaman Home

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) provides educational material to help family members understand and overcome the trauma they've experienced while living in a home impacted by domestic violence. 

Boy Scouts of America/LaSalle Council

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) pays for two boys to join Scouting for one year.

Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) provides a child hope and opportunity, as well as, a place where they can learn and grow. 

Care & Share of Marshall County

$52 gift in the right hands at the right time gives a family hope where there was no hope just moments before and may be all that's needed to stop a utility disconnect, forestall an eviction, provide glasses to help keep a job or gasoline to take their children to the hospital or help purchase prescription medicine.

Community Coordinated Child Care/4C’s

A weekly donation of $($52 per year) pays for My Plate meal sets for early childhood classrooms or pays for childhood obesity prevention materials for two teachers. 

Covering Kids & Families of North Central IN 

Every $1 donated turns into $1.60 and brings in federal dollars to help enroll families in healthcare coverage.

Culver Boys & Girls Club

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) pays for 312 pencils for education departments, 62 afterschool snacks, 5 days of Kidstop enrollment (summer and schools out childcare), or 1 annual full-priced membership or 5 free & reduced priced memberships. 

Girl Scouts of Northern IN-Michiana

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) pays Girl Scout membership fees for two girls 

A $500 donation sends a girl to horse camp. 

A $250 donation covers the program cost of a girl for the year. 

A $100 donation sends a girl to Day Camp for a week.

Junior Achievement Serving Marshall County 

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) pays for 2.5 students to receive 5-7 hours of Junior Achievement education during their school year. 

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry 

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) pays for processing 40 pounds of donated large game and livestock within Marshall County, providing over 150 meals to residents in need of additional food services. 

Marshall County 4-H Council

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) pays 1/3 of the cost to send one child to camp. 

Marshall County Council on Aging, Inc.

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year), will pay for one client's portion of meal cost for 17 meals or 10 complete meal costs. 

Marshall County Neighborhood Center

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) pays for $100 worth of quality food and is equivalent to 1 visit to the pantry for a family of five.

North Central Indiana Food Distribution 

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) helps supply macaroni and cheese, cereal, crackers, and vegetables.  

Potawatomi Wildlife Park 

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) supplies educational display materials as learning aids as visitors walk the trials or visit the nature center.


REAL Services, Inc.

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) provides a one-on-one face-to-face visit with a vulnerable older adult in the Adult Guardianship Service Program to ensure they are safe and their needs are being met in the nursing facility. 

Saint Joseph Health Center 

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per yearprovides glucometer test strips and helps provide diabetic medication and food for those that need it.  

Volunteer Lawyer Network, Inc. 

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) helps provide free legal assistance and representation from community lawyers to low-income individuals located in St. Joseph, Elkhart, LaPorte, Starke, Marshall, and Kosciusko counties. 

Women's Care Center 

A weekly donation of $1 ($52 per year) provides a life-saving ultrasound to a local woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. 

Thank You 2017 Cornerstone Partners!