• Please complete campaign by November 15.
  • Make sure all pledge sheets are signed.
  • Give one copy of the pledge sheet to United Way, one copy to your payroll department, and one copy to the donor.
  • Make sure a “total gift” amount is listed on each pledge sheet.
  • If possible, attach a spreadsheet of givers and payment method.
  • Please don’t staple cash or checks to pledge sheets.
  • If you held a special event that raised cash, please either give us a check for the full amount or convert any coins to currency.  It’s awkward for us to work with coins.
  • For leadership givers ($1000 or more), please make sure they indicated how they would like to be recognized in the space provided on the pledge sheet.
  • For designation requests, please make sure they are requests we can honor – either a partner agency (listed on the brochure), or another United Way.
  • Don’t forget the Corporate Donation card!
  • Please completely fill out the campaign envelope.

Thank you for being a part of the LIVE UNITED movement!

Thank you 2015 Cornerstone Partners!